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an investor bought a 15-year bond with par value of 100000 and 8 percent semiannual coupons. the bond is callable at par on any coupon date beginning with the 24th coupon. find the highest price paid that will yield a rate not less than i (2)


The highest amount paid for a product is 84600. Payment is the compensation given by one party to another for goods or services provided. In specific circumstances, the cost of production may have a different name. If the product is deemed "excellent" in the industry, its cost could be referred to as the "price." Pricing is a crucial factor in decision-making once a product is created. The price determines the product's future, acceptance by customers, as well as its return and profitability. It is a means of competition. The price is what customers are willing to pay for a product. Entrepreneurs must link the price to the product's actual and perceived value, while considering supply costs, seasonal discounts, competitors' prices, and retail markup. The formula for calculating bond price is K= Nx2, where Bond Price= ∑ [(Semi Annual Coupon)/(1 + YTM/2)^k] + Par value/(1 + YTM/2)^Nx2, and k=1. If K=15x2, the Bond Price would be 84627.55, which is slightly higher than the highest amount paid for a product, which is 84600. For more information on pricing, visit brainly.com/question/1153322 #SPJ4.