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Ali completed 1/3 of her homework on Friday and 1/4 of her homework on Saturday. She told her mother she is almost done. Is she correct? Please explain your answer.​


Absolutely. She's very close to being finished. Step-by-step explanation: To determine the progress she has made, we first need to identify the common denominator for the fractions given. By doing this, we can add them together. To accomplish this, we convert 1/3 to the equivalent fraction of 4/12, and 1/4 to the equivalent fraction of 3/12. After adding these fractions, we have a total of 7/12. To determine whether she is almost done or not, we compare this fraction to 1/2. Since 7/12 is greater than 1/2 (which is equal to 6/12), then we can confidently say that she is very close to being finished.