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Agents J and K work in a long hallway with 4000 equally-spaced, consecutive offices. The agents decide to walk toward each other so they can meet and have lunch together. Agent J has recently been relocated from office 2013 to office 1. His former office neighbor, Agent K, is still in office 2014. Assuming that Agent J can walk at a rate of 25 offices per minute, and Agent K walks at 36 offices per minute, what office will they meet at if they leave at the same time


At office 826, the two agents will rendezvous if they depart at the same time. We need to determine how many offices are situated between Agent J and Agent K. It is crucial to note that Agent J has recently moved from office 2013 to office 1, while Agent K still occupies office 2014. Therefore, there are 2012 offices between them ((2014-1)-1=2012). Next, we need to find out how long it will take for the agents to walk the distance. According to the data available, Agent J can walk 25 offices a minute, while Agent K can cover 36 offices a minute. When both agents walk together, they cross 61 offices per minute (25 + 36). It would take them approximately 33 minutes to cover all 2012 offices (= 2012/61 seconds) Based on the calculations, they would meet at the 826 office, calculated as 1 + 25(33) = 826, or 2014 - 36(33) = 826 (negative value since Agent K is moving in the opposite direction). To sum it up, the two agents would meet at the 826 office. You can refer to a similar problem here: brainly.com/question/1267118 #SPJ4