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Density is related to temperature. For example hotter gases tend to be blank dense compared to colder gases


Let's talk about gas density and how it's affected by temperature variations. It's important to understand that temperature is a physical concept that refers to the numerical representation of how hot or cold something is. To determine temperature, we use a thermometer, which is calibrated using various temperature scales that establish reference points and thermometric substances. Temperature is a measurement of the average energy of the motions of molecules in a substance, while heat is the total energy of those motions. To learn more about temperature, you can visit this link: brainly.com/question/4735135#:~:text=Expert%2DVerified%20Answer&text=Temperature%20is%20a%20measure%20of%20thermal%20energy.,hot%20or%20cold%20something%20is. As we discussed earlier, gas densities are influenced by temperature, and this relationship can be explained by understanding the average energy of the molecules in a substance.