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The ________ ethical tradition would take an agreement between two parties as evidence that both are better off than they were prior to the exchange and thus conclude that overall happiness has been increased by any exchange freely entered into.


According to the rights-based ethical tradition, an agreement between two parties indicates that both have benefited from the exchange and therefore overall happiness has increased. An agreement is a manifestation of mutual assent between two or more individuals with a common intention, conveyed through provision and acceptance. Such assent may be expressed through words, actions, or silence. An agreement is defined as a mutual decision, position, or association. For example, two individuals may come to an agreement on the proportion of rent to be paid for a apartment. While a contract is a type of agreement, not all agreements are contracts. An agreement can be informal or formal, written or verbal, but a contract is only enforceable if certain requirements are met. The term agreement also refers to agreement in number. In English grammar, singular subjects require singular verbs and plural subjects require plural verbs. For further information on agreement, see brainly.com/question/24460932 #SPJ4.