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you have a workflow process that pulls code from aws codecommit and deploys to ec2 instances associated with tag group prodbuilders. you would like to configure the instances to archive no more than two application revisions to conserve disk space. which of the following will allow you to implement this?


To implement the desired configuration for archiving no more than two application revisions to save disk space, we can utilize the AWS CodeDeploy application specification file (AppSpec file). The AppSpec file is a file that is formatted in YAML or JSON and used to manage how AWS CodeDeploy deploys application content and sets up Amazon EC2 instances. In the AppSpec file, the `max_count` property can be specified in the `files` section to restrict the number of revisions that will be archived. For instance, to archive only two application revisions, the `max_count` can be set to 2 as follows: ``` files: - source: /path/to/source destination: /path/to/destination max_count: 2 ``` This way, only the two latest revisions will be archived on the EC2 instances that belong to the `prodbuilders` tag group, while any older revisions will be removed automatically to conserve disk space. To know more about the AWS CodeDeploy, kindly visit brainly.com/question/30565358 #SPJ11.