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you have used your computer for several months without any issues. recently, you have noticed that when you perform specific actions or open certain files, your computer crashes, and programs sometimes freeze. you suspect that hard disk issues are the cause. which of the following tools would best verify and fix disk errors?


The "chkdsk" command is utilized to investigate the integrity of the file system structure and the file system on a disc. It also targets and rectifies issues on the disc such as faulty sectors, missing clusters, and cross-linked files. A system refers to a group of interconnected components that work together to complete a specific task or function. These components could either be tangible, like machinery or gadgets, or immaterial such as laws or software programs. The inputs, outputs, processes, and limits of a system define it. Furthermore, it may have feedback loops that enable it to adjust and transform against environmental changes. In different aspects of life, such as biological, economic, social, and technological systems, systems are present. To develop, manage, and enhance systems, a complete comprehension of their operations is necessary. Click here to learn more about systems: brainly.com/question/19368267 #SPJ4