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2. What is the topic of the question? Which substance forms propanoic acid as one of the products when it reacts with hot concentrated acidified potassium manganate(VII)? A but-1-ene B but-2-ene C 2-methylpropene D 2-methylbut-1-ene mel Why did you choose this answer? nouzou no oorlo voy


The inorganic compound with the chemical formula KMnO₄, also referred to as potassium manganate (VII), is capable of oxidizing alkenes. Oxidation is defined as the process involving the addition of oxygen or removal of hydrogen. When acidified potassium manganate (VII) solution reacts with an alkene, the 'C'-'C' double bond is broken and replaced with 'C'-'O' double bonds. As a result, the substance which forms propanoic acid is but-1-ene. The correct option, therefore, is A. For additional information regarding oxidation, please visit brainly.com/question/29218241 #SPJ1.