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when a commercial janitorial service company predicts demand for its services using commercial building permits issued, office leasing and vacancy rates, this is an example of:


As a teacher, let me rephrase the following content while maintaining its original structure and making some word modifications: When a commercial janitorial company anticipates demand for its services through the use of commercial building permits issued, office leasing, and vacancy rates, it is an instance of a casual model. The local government releases commercial building permits to ensure that enterprises obey current building codes to protect their clients' and personnel's safety. If a property owner who is new to the field flouts the criteria for commercial building permits, the changes made to their property may turn into a liability. One can envision the hazards involved in owning an "unpermitted" retail store characterized by leaky roofs and improper wiring. In Florida, a building permit is mandatory for various projects, including construction, which encompasses remodeling and additions, alterations like roof replacements, and repairs such as significant plumbing and electrical work. Be mindful that this list is not comprehensive, and its purpose is to encourage you to ask questions when examining potential commercial properties to procure the most accurate information. For more information about commercial properties, visit here: brainly.com/question/14244978 #SPJ4.