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What is one diffrence between open and closed primary elections? A ) open primaries allow any voters to participate, while closed primaries are restricted to party members B) open primaries promote party unity, while closed primaries encourage "crossover elections" C) open primaries are only for independent voters, while closed primaries are for registered members of political parties. D) open primaries discourage voter participation, while closed primaries encourage it


The correct answer is option A. Open primaries offer participation to all registered voters, while closed primaries are restricted to members of a specific party. Explanation: Open primaries enable any registered voter to exercise their right to vote by casting a ballot. In contrast, closed primaries permit only those who are registered with the relevant party to participate in the process of selecting a candidate for election. This system ensures that only members of the party can influence the selection of its candidate, while open primaries reflect a more open democratic process. I hope this explanation is helpful. :)