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A mountain bike is fitted with 29 inch tired. The 29 inch represent the diameter of the tire. How many revolutions of the tire will it takebto make the bicycle travel one mile? (1 mile=5,280 feet)


Approximately 695 revolutions. Step-by-step explanation: To find the number of revolutions needed to travel one mile, we need to convert miles to revolutions by using feet and inches. The wheel's circumference is equal to pi times the diameter. 1 mile = 1 mile x 5280 feet/1 mile x 12 inches/1 foot / 29π inches/1 revolution = (1 x 5280 x 12 x 1)/(1 x 1 x 29π) = (63,360/(29π)) revolutions ≈ 695.45 revolutions. Therefore, the bike will need around 695 revolutions to travel one mile.