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What mechanism of cultural change is exemplified by the fact that agriculture separately developed in both mexico and the middle east?


It is an established fact that the agricultural practices in Mexico and the Middle East have developed separately and have greatly influenced the thoughts and behaviors of those who follow them. These traditions are passed down through learning and shape the very fabric of their societies. The term "cultural change" refers to the use of anthropological knowledge and techniques to address current social issues. In contrast to sociology, cultural anthropology has focused more on investigating the traditional ways of illiterate communities rather than relying on statistical tools. The definition of beauty and acceptance of body types varies across cultures, leading to the ostracization of athletes in some societies. External factors such as environmental changes, technological innovations and intercultural exchanges can result in cultural change. Contact between different societies can impact cultural practices and bring about social change. Therefore, the agricultural practices in Mexico and the Middle East developed independently. For more information on cultural change, please visit brainly.com/question/11534343. #SPJ1