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What are the 7 types of research questions?


As educators, we must understand the various types of research, such as theoretical, practical, exploratory, and scientific. Additionally, we should note that research can also fall into subcategories, such as descriptive, explanatory, qualitative, quantitative, and experimental. When conducting quantitative research, it is crucial to frame our research questions in a clear and concise manner that facilitates accurate and informative responses. Generally, these questions would be included as part of the introduction of a study or industry report. We can break down typical quantitative research questions into three categories: detailed, comparative, and relational queries. As we consider how to create effective quantitative market research questions, we will want to use descriptive survey questions to elicit a respondent's attitude toward a particular subject or variable, which allows us to efficiently gather data on the specific variable of interest at scale. To learn more about quantitative research, please see brainly.com/question/29787432. #SPJ4