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When did the food producing revolution begin in north america?


The Neolithic Revolution, also referred to as the Agricultural Revolution or the food producing revolution, commenced in North America about 5,000 years ago. During this period, people in North America made the transition from a wandering, hunting and gathering lifestyle to a more established way of living centered around agriculture. This shift facilitated the emergence of expanded and complex societies, as well as the development of civilizations. The food producing revolution began in the region of present-day Mexico and gradually extended northward. Through agriculture, plants and animals were domesticated, which brought about more reliable food sources and ultimately gave rise to larger, intricate societies. In brief, the food producing revolution was a momentous changeover from a nomadic, hunting and gathering lifestyle to a more enduring and agricultural-based lifestyle that began in North America around 5,000 years ago, culminating in the development of larger, more elaborate societies and civilizations. For more information on the Neolithic Revolution, click on the link provided below: brainly.com/question/4092859# #SPJ11