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Elisa agreed to list Simone’s house for sale. After the listing contract was signed, Simone lost her job, and her father, George, offered to help Simone by paying Elisa’s listing commission. The buyer’s agent, Carl, also reduced his commission by a quarter percent to help Simone. Who is Elisa’s client?


The client in this scenario is Simone, who agreed to list her house for sale with Elisa. However, after signing the agreement, Simone lost her job but received help from her father. Additionally, Carl decreased the commission to assist Simone during this difficult time. Explanation: According to the information provided in the question, Simone is the individual who entered into an agreement to list her house for sale with Elisa. Despite losing her job after signing the agreement, Simone was able to receive support from her father during this difficult period. In addition, Carl took steps to reduce the commission on the sale to further assist Simone. Therefore, in analyzing this situation, it is important to recognize that the client being represented by Elisa is Simone.