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when transition metal atoms ionize, from which atomic orbitals are electrons removed first? from which atomic orbitals areelectrons removed second?


"To determine the electronic configuration of cations, we typically follow a specific order of electron removal. First, we take electrons from the outermost p orbital followed by the s orbital and then the d orbitals. When transition metal cations are formed, it is observed that the outermost s electrons are always the first to be lost, resulting in a 2+ charge which is frequently seen among transition metal ions due to the presence of two valence electrons. Valence-shell s orbitals are the ones typically targeted for electron removal before the valence d orbitals due to the looser coupling of electrons further from the nucleus. This results in a drop in ionization energies making it easier to remove electrons. For more information on electronic configuration, you can refer to brainly.com/question/29757010 #SPJ4"