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Brian is buying salad and pizza for company lunch: Suppose that bowl of salad costs $5.00_ and slice of pizza costs 52.00 Let E be the amount in dollars that Brian spends on salad and pizza If Brian buvs money he spends ( E ) can be represented by the equation bowls of salad and slices of pizza_ then the total amount of Now rearrange the equation yoyu wrote above so that equation written terms of E and The quantity of pizza he buys can be represented by the equationSuppose Brian has 540.00 to spend on salad and pizza; that i5, E = 540.00 _ Complete the following table with the values of $ or P that make the equation true: Hint: To complete the first row, determine the number of pizza slices Brian can purchase with $40.00, when the number of salad bowls he purchases Budget (Dollars) Salad Pizza (Bowls) (Slices) 40.00 40.00 40.00


"Class, the equation that models the relationship between the amount of money spent and the quantity of salad and pizza purchased is E = $5.00*x + $2.00*y, where x represents the number of bowls of salad and y represents the number of slices of pizza. In algebra, an equation is defined as a statement that shows the equality of two expressions. There are two types of equations: identities, where all possible values of the variables result in a true statement, and conditional equations, where only certain combinations of variables make the statement true. Based on the given problem, we can create a table to represent the results of the equation on different combinations of salad and pizza. You can see this in the table of Budget (in $), Salad (bowl), and Pizza (slices) with different values for each. If you would like to learn more about equations, you can visit brainly.com/question/29514785 #SPJ4."