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1. How did Schindler "win," Helen from Goeth? 2. Explain 3 different effects Schindler's' women experienced in Auschwitz? 3. How did Schindler rescue the women from the restraints of Auschwitz? 4. Why did the women start screaming when they were in the shower chambers? What came out of the shower heads? 5. How did Schindler stop the mercy killings of Jews in his hometown factory? What were they making in the factory?


1. It should be noted that in the movie "Schindler's List," the relationship between Schindler and a woman named Helen, who was supposedly won from Goeth, was not based on reality. In actuality, Schindler had a mistress and was married, and neither of them went by the name Helen. 2. The women who worked for Schindler at Auschwitz faced numerous negative consequences, including the constant fear of death or transfer to another camp. However, their employment in Schindler's factory provided them with a sense of community and purpose, as well as improved living conditions such as better nutrition and healthcare, thus allowing them to maintain their dignity and hope for the future. 3. Schindler used his connections and power to bribe Nazi officials and convince them to allow him to transport the women from Auschwitz to his factory in Czechoslovakia. In order to avoid detection, he also forged documents and transportation. 4. It is said that when the women were expecting to be gassed to death, they began screaming in the shower rooms. The Nazis, however, used a deceitful tactic to keep them off guard and prevent rioting or resistance by turning on the water in the shower heads. 5. Schindler utilized his position and connections with Nazi leaders to advocate for the Jews at his plant and prevent mercy killings. He even fabricated documents to protect his employees from being transferred to death camps. Additionally, the enamelware produced at his plant was utilized by the military during World War II. For further information about Goeth, please refer to brainly.com/question/11438604 #SPJ1.