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Pellegrino sparkling water has very light carbonation and is very refreshing compared to competing brands such as Perrier and La Croix. The advertising appeal is based on these attributes. Which of the following is correct about Pellegrino's advertising appeal? O It is a series of related advertisements focusing on a common theme or slogan. O It identifies the specific communication task that should be accomplished for a specified target audience during a specified period O It is a form of advertising designed to influence demand for a specific brand, O It identifies the reason for a person to buy the product,


Although his name is famous in Italy, very few people are actually acquainted with the life story of Pellegrino Artusi. However, Pellegrino Artusi of Forlimpopoli became a renowned figure worldwide after publishing his manuscript "Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well" in 1891, which has been translated into various languages, such as Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and French. Initially, Pellegrino may have desired his writings on the poet Ugo Foscolo to distinguish him, but ultimately he was a literary and food critic as well as a writer. He is most widely recognized today for producing "the Gospel of Italian gastronomy." If you want to discover more about Pellegrino, kindly visit the link: brainly.com/question/29324599 #SPJ1.