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HELP ME!!!! Tus abuelos vienen a tu casa para pasar el fin de semana. Tu mamá quiere saber si ya hiciste todo lo que te pidió, pero tú ya sabes lo que te va a preguntar. Completa sus preguntas y después contéstalas. Questions Modelo ¿Ya... (conseguir las entradas para el concierto)? Example answer¿Ya conseguiste las entradas para el concierto?End example answer Example answerSí, mamá, ya conseguí las entradas para el concierto.End example answer Question 1 ¿Ya... (lavar los platos)? 1 2 Question 2 ¿Ya... (ir al supermercado)? 1 2 Question 3 ¿Ya... (pasar la aspiradora)? 1 2 Question 4 ¿Ya... (quitar tus cosas de la mesa)? 1 2 Question 5 ¿Ya... (hacer las reservaciones en el restaurante)? 1 2 Question 6 ¿Ya... (limpiar el baño)? 1 2


Have you washed the dishes yet? Yes, mom, I have washed the dishes. Have you gone to the supermarket yet? Yes, mom, I have gone to the supermarket. Have you vacuumed the floor yet? Yes, mom, I have vacuumed the floor. Have you cleared your things off the table yet? Yes, mom, I have cleared my things off the table. Have you made reservations at the restaurant yet? Yes, mom, I have made reservations at the restaurant. Have you cleaned the bathroom yet? Yes, mom, I have cleaned the bathroom. Explanation: These are all questions about household chores and tasks that have been given by the mother. The response for each question is a simple "Yes, mom, I have done X task". It is important to communicate effectively and clearly with family members by completing assigned tasks on time. By being responsible and accountable, it helps create a harmonious and well-run household.