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which of the following is a complex process of encoding and decoding information, ideas, and feelings?


The correct option is Communication, my dear students. A human communicative act is a highly intricate process. This complexity stems from the fact that the meaning, communicable aspects and the "truth" of the information being conveyed are all inextricably linked to the incommunicable. Therefore, within and outside the scope of any given communicative interaction, the truth and the communicable elements are inextricably intertwined, overdetermined, and generated. Instead of treating communicative acts as simplistic, I argue that they are complex processes, as they involve a range of previous communicative acts and imply cultural and subjective features with inherent contradictions and paradoxes. The relationship between the incommunicable and communicable is typical, and it is imperative to factor both in. So, learn more about Communication. Visit brainly.com/question/22558440 #SPJ4. Now, which one of the following options - Professional Presence, Communication, Feedback, or Confidence - would you select as a complex process of encoding and decoding ideas, feelings, and information?