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discuss how doing case analysis will help you develop skills needed to prepare recommendations for consideration in a strategic plan. what is a business model and how can it disrupt a company, industry, and/or both? provide at least two examples.


As an educator, it is imperative to recognize the significance of case analysis in the arsenal of any strategist. This approach compels one to examine all the pertinent information and evidence in relation to a specific issue, scenario, or obstacle and manifest a solution that is pragmatic and able to be executed. Such analysis cultivates critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are vital to crafting successful strategic plans. A business model serves as the foundational framework for a company's operations, encompassing how it generates revenue and facilitates its customer base. A business model can be leveraged as a disruptive force, causing a ripple effect across a company, industry, or both, by changing the way in which it operates. For example, Airbnb utilized a business model to disrupt the hospitality industry by offering a platform for individuals to rent out their homes or properties to travelers. Another example is the game-changing introduction of an online marketplace by Amazon, which disrupted the traditional retail industry. To delve deeper into the topic of business, feel free to explore brainly.com/question/15826604 #SPJ4.