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according to some financial experts, how much of an investment program should a 50-year-old investor have in growth investments?


As a financial expert and for someone who is reaching the age of 50, it is recommended to allocate 70% of your investment in stocks and the remaining 30% in bonds. It is important to bear in mind that this does not include emergency funds. Financial advisers suggest allotting three to twelve months of one's salary as a contingency for unforeseen events such as job loss. For an individual in their 50s who has a growth investment plan, it is advised to invest heavily in stocks. However, for someone who is still under 50 and saving for retirement, it is reasonable to put 60% of their portfolio in stocks and 40% in bonds by the time they reach 50. The percentage of money to be invested is dependent on one's income, savings, and debt. Ideally, it is best to invest 15% to 25% of your after-tax income into investments. Mark Henry, the CEO of Alloy Wealth Management, recommends starting off small and gradually working towards the 15% to 25% goal. For further insights into growth investment, do check out brainly.com/question/24841216 #SPJ4.