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on a recent quiz, the class mean was 71 with a standard deviation of 4.2. calculate the z-score (to 4 decimal places) for a person who received score of 73.


Let's take a look at the calculated z-score, shall we? The mean of our data, represented by μ, is 71, while the standard deviation, represented by σ, is 4.2. As for the person score, X, it's 73. Now, to find the formula for z-score, we use this: Z-score = (X - μ) / σ. By plugging in the values we have, we end up with: Z-score = (73 - 71) / 4.2. Simplifying that, we get 2 divided by 4.2, which equals 0.47619 or 0.4762 (rounded to four decimal places). Therefore, we can say that the value of z-score in relation to the given mean and standard deviation is 0.4762. If you want to learn more about z-score, feel free to check out brainly.com/question/15016913 #SPJ4.