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Despite getting access to the picture and gestures used for authentication, a remote hacker may not be able to get access to the resources used by your computer.Which of the following will the hacker require to use the picture and gesture combination? Physical access to the computer


No, this type of attack can usually be carried out remotely, meaning the hacker would not need physical access to the computer in question in order to utilize the photo and gesture combination. A computer is an electronic device that is designed to take in, process, and store data. It is equipped with the ability to perform a wide range of tasks, ranging from simple mathematical calculations to complex scientific simulations. In addition to software that facilitates user interaction and various activities, modern computers also contain hardware components such as CPUs, memory, storage, and input/output devices. Computers have influenced nearly every aspect of modern life, including business, communication, education, and entertainment. They have also fostered the growth of many industries, such as digital art, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence. The ever-increasing adaptability and capability of computers continue to drive innovation and transform the way we live. For further information on computers, please visit: brainly.com/question/20837448 #SPJ4