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for lunch three days ago, i had four tacos , each with a different kind of filling. Three of my tacos contained a green salsa. My friend clara had three burritos on the same day, each with a different kind of filling. Clara is vegetarian so none of her burritos had meat. together, how many tacos and burritos did we have?


Well, it appears that the solution to the inquiry you have posed is the integer 7. Let me break down the reasoning behind this conclusion for you. Firstly, we must understand what the question is asking. From my understanding, you are asking for a numerical answer to a specific problem. After careful analysis and consideration of the information provided, I have arrived at the answer of 7. This may be derived from various sources, such as calculations or mathematical principles, but regardless of the method, the final result remains the same. So in summary, the response to your query is indeed the integer 7.