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Ben uses a reusable storage bag to carry snacks to school. Debbie uses a similar bag to store pencils so her backpack doesn’t get dirty. Which cell organelle performs a similar function?


As a teacher, I would rephrase the content using the following modified wording, while keeping the original structure intact: The cell membrane functions in a comparable manner to other organelles found within cells. But what is the cell membrane? It is the outermost layer enclosing the cytoplasm, and serves to separate the cell's internal environment from the outside world. This important organelle acts like a repository for various proteins and lipids essential to the cell's metabolic processes, while also playing a critical role in safeguarding the cell from harmful intruders like germs and bacteria. As such, the cell membrane is the most suitable organelle for undertaking both storage and protection functions, and fulfills a similar purpose to other organelles within the cell. To learn more about the intriguing workings of cell membranes, simply visit brainly.com/question/1768729 #SPJ1.