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1 Select the correct answer. Which strategy makes use of your prior knowledge to help you read and understand quickly? O A. guessing from context OB. previewing O C. skimming OD. taking notes


As educators, we recommend that our students employ the previewing strategy when approaching a new text. This approach can be especially helpful in allowing them to access prior knowledge and set reading goals, which in turn aids in reading comprehension. By quickly scanning a text prior to diving into it, students are able to identify key details and information that they can later study in greater depth. Previewing a text can also help students better prepare for what they are about to read, and to focus their attention on the most relevant information. Ultimately, it enables them to comprehend how a writer has structured their data. If you'd like to learn more about previewing, be sure to check out brainly.com/question/11503618 #SPJ1.