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the most serious drawback to using chemicals to control pests is group of answer choices the cost the killing of other forms of life the development of genetic resistance their persistence in nature magnification in the food chain


The major downside of utilizing chemicals to regulate pests is their long-lasting existence in nature. When sprayed on crops, pesticides pollute the environment. Pesticides are a classification of chemicals widely utilized by farmers to repel pests from destroying crops. Although pesticides are essential in farming to prevent crop damage from pests, they have numerous drawbacks. The foremost negative aspect of pesticides is their stubbornness in nature. Pesticides have the potential to cause multiple environmental problems that can result in the deterioration of flora and fauna. The pesticides may also find their way into the water supply by penetrating the soil and water, prompting some aquatic life and humans who rely on it for drinking water to suffer. Learn more about pesticides: brainly.com/question/25788752 #SPJ11