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Find me a news article or video of current events which shows that bias is in there


There are numerous news articles and videos that undeniably showcase a biased portrayal of current events. A prime illustration is a news article recently published by the New York Times named "Trump's Racist Tweets Show the Danger of a Presidency Guided by Fox News" where the news organization makes use of language that is highly critical of President Trump's actions whilst painting the entire story in a way that insinuates Trump's behavior is significantly manipulated by Fox News, a conservative news network. Another glaring example of bias in current events is a video broadcasted by CNN dubbed "CNN's Don Lemon calls Trump's remarks 'disgusting'". This particular video shows a commentator who openly expresses criticism of President Trump's remarks and frames the story in a way that makes Trump's statements seem "disgusting" and worthy of condemnation. The aforementioned examples make it quite evident how bias seeps into news articles and videos revolving around present-day events. For more information on news articles, visit brainly.com/question/26859358. #SPJ11