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How do Jack Watson and Mr. Adams react during the lottery? What does their behavior suggest about how they feel about the tradition?


In Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery," Jack Watson appears to be enthusiastic about the lottery tradition, while Mr. Adams seems wary and uncertain, indicating that he may have reservations or objections to it. Explanation: During the annual lottery in the fictional town, both Jack Watson and Mr. Adams take part in the event. However, they convey different attitudes towards it. Jack Watson's behavior shows that he is quite excited about the tradition. He talks to other men cheerfully, laughs and jokes with his friends, and seems completely relaxed. On the other hand, Mr. Adam's behavior is quite different, as he appears nervous and uneasy. Mr. Adams even asks the official in charge of the lottery if the process has changed this year, which suggests that he is uneasy with the tradition. These contrasting behaviors demonstrate that Jack Watson is approving and comfortable with the tradition, whereas Mr. Adams may not be. It is interesting to note that such behaviors serve as a window into the complex dynamics that exist regarding cultural traditions, even those that require violent or brutal acts. I hope this is helpful, and have a great day/afternoon/evening/night! :)