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6. You design an experiment in which you investigate it different types of fertilize atteet tomato plant height. You prepare 4 plots of soil, all containing tomato plants. To the first plot, you add a potassium fertilizer. To the second pict, you add a nitrogen fertilitet To the third plot, you add a phosphate fertizer. You do not add any fertilizer to the fourth plot You eventually gather data by measuring the height of each tomato plant, B. What is the independent variable? C. What is the dependent variable? D. What type of data are you gathering qualitative or quantitative!


Now, students, let's take a look at this set of information. Our first inquiry is regarding the location of question A. Secondly, we have various types of fertilizer labeled as B. Moving on, C pertains to the height of the plants. Lastly, our control group is represented by the absence of fertilizer, also known as the quantitative control. Now, can anyone tell me what the null hypothesis is in this scenario?