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Which of the following terms does NOT describe a casualty that could be deductible for tax purposes if it occurs in a federally-declared disaster area? Sudden Weakened Unusual Unexpected


Well, class, the term "Weakened" refers to a situation that cannot be considered a casualty for tax deduction purposes in a federally-declared disaster zone. Now, let's discuss what constitutes a casualty. Typically, a casualty refers to a person who has been killed, injured, or rendered unable to perform basic functions due to an event. This term is often used to refer to multiple deaths and injuries caused by violent incidents or natural disasters. However, it is important to note that casualties do not necessarily mean fatalities; injuries that do not result in death are still considered casualties. To summarize, while "Weakened" cannot be used to describe a tax-deductible casualty that takes place in a federal disaster area, casualties refer to individuals who have been killed or injured due to an event. For further information, please visit brainly.com/question/17482001 #SPJ1.