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Font Paragraph JTI Styles Job Training Institute Pty Ltd Lifting You to the Next Level! RONALDNI DIONISMEN LI Is this a case of abuse? Explain your answer Yes, this is a clear case abuse, LUC QUESTION 4 The staff always have trouble with Jodie when it comes to taking her medications, as she becomes physically challenging towards staff on duty. Jodie has an intellectual disability and tends to become irritable quite frequently. To teach her a lesson, a staff member punches her and pushes her into a garage for 'acting up' and refusing to take her medication. Jodie was locked in the garage for nearly 24 hours with nothing but a bucket for a toilet, before they let her back inside.is this case of abuse? explain your answer? ​


Indeed, this is an unequivocal instance of abuse, as Jodie is mentally challenged and was subjected to physical assault before being confined for nearly 24 hours with meager facilities, such as a bucket for a toilet, before they released her. So, what is abuse? Abuse refers to any misuse or mistreatment of something, typically for one's own unjust or improper advantage. It can manifest in various ways, ranging from physical or verbal injury, harm, assault, violation, r1pe, unfair treatment, criminal activity, and other forms of violence. Therefore, it's evident that Jodie has been a victim of both mental and physical abuse. For more insights on abuse, please click on this link - brainly.com/question/27847833 #SPJ1