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You have 3 number 1, 9, and a missing number The mean of the numbers is 4 work out the missing number


The last number in the sequence is 2. Step-by-step explanation: To find the last number, we can use the fact that the mean of the three numbers is equal to 4. This means that the sum of the three numbers must be equal to 12 (4 x 3). We know that two of the numbers are 9 and 1, which add up to 10. To get to 12, we need to add 2. Therefore, the last number in the sequence is 2. When calculating the mean, we add up all the numbers in the sequence and then divide by the total number of terms. In this case, we have three terms, so we add up 9, 1, and 2 to get 12. Then we divide by 3 to get the mean of 4. I hope this explanation helps. Have a great day!