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the alkaline fluids secreted by the prostate and cowper glands serve what functions related to sperm? select all that apply. a.Protect the sperm from the acidic vaginal environment: b.Cool the sperm prior to ejaculation c.Help mature the sperm d.Enhance sperm motility e.Provide nourishment of the sperm


Now class, let's discuss the important functions of the alkaline fluids secreted by the prostate and Cowper glands in relation to sperm. Firstly, these fluids help to cool the sperm prior to ejaculation. Additionally, the thick, alkaline fluid secreted by the prostate during ejaculation aids in the free movement of sperm. It is noteworthy that the prostate serves not only as an accessory gland of the male reproductive system, but also as a mechanical switch between urine and ejaculation, controlled by muscles. Interestingly, only a few mammals possess a prostate and there are notable morphological, chemical, and physiological differences observed across different species. Anatomically, the prostate can be found beneath the bladder where the urethra passes, with distinct lobes or zones in both gross and microanatomy, respectively. Together, the glandular and connective tissue within an elastic, fibromuscular capsule make up the structure of the prostate gland. To delve deeper into the subject of alkaline fluids, you can visit brainly.com/question/15841369 #SPJ4.