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an aqueous sodium acetate, nac2h3o2 , solution is made by dissolving 0.185 mol nac2h3o2 in 0.620 kg of water. calculate the molality of the solution.


The molality of the solution containing aqueous sodium acetate, NaC2H3O2, has been measured to be 0.298m. Molality is a term used to express the amount of solute present in a solution in terms of the number of moles dissolved per kilogram of solvent. It is denoted by units of mol/kg. The formula for calculating molality is given by dividing the number of moles of solute by the mass of the solvent. In the given case, an aqueous sodium acetate solution is prepared by dissolving 0.185 mole of NaC2H3O2 in 0.620 kg of water. The solvent, in this case, is water, and the solution is sodium acetate. By substituting the given values in the formula, we can calculate the molality of the solution to be 0.298m. To learn more about Molality, please visit: brainly.com/question/24065939 #SPJ4.