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closed-circuit television can be used as both a preventative tool (to monitor live events) or as an investigative tool (to record events for later playback). which camera is more vandal-resistant than other cameras?


Vandal-resistant cameras are crafted with an anti-vandalism design to prevent damage or disruption. It's widely acknowledged that dome cameras provide the most protection against vandalism as they are encased in a sphere-like design, rendering them not easy to tamper with. In addition, bullet cameras fitted with a protective housing could be a viable option for anti-vandalism. These cameras are usually composed of strong materials such as metal or reinforced plastic and are also equipped with tamper-proof screws to ensure their stability. Some vandal-resistant cameras may have bonus features including motion sensors, video analytics, and infrared lighting to further prevent unauthorized access and vandalism. Discover more about vandal-resistant cameras at: brainly.com/question/14890459 #SPJ4