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What is the chief claim of "what to the slave is the fourth of july?" a. black people deserve equal treatment and status in the united states. b. slavery is unconstitutional, and it should be abolished. c. black people are deserving of more respect. d. the tradition of slavery in the united states has harmed the black population.


As an American slave, what significance does the Fourth of July hold for you? In my opinion, this day serves as a stark reminder of the constant injustice and cruelty that I face. Therefore, option (d) is the appropriate choice. Frederick Douglass not only aimed to persuade people of the immoralities of slavery, but he also worked to gain acceptance for abolition among Northern whites. A painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art from around 1855 depicts Douglass. According to him, the nation's founders were admirable individuals due to their dedication to freedom. However, Douglass points out the hypocrisy of their values by highlighting the prevalent existence of slavery in America. On July 4th, 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, which officially declared the 13 colonies in North America to be independent from Great Britain. This day is commemorated as the Fourth of July. To learn more about the unfairness and brutality experienced by American slaves, please visit brainly.com/question/18696465 #SPJ4.