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Why do ionic compound are good insulator ? need a proper answer please


The ability of ionic compounds to conduct electricity is determined by the state they are in. Specifically, when in a molten or aqueous state, these compounds become conductive due to the free movement of their ions. However, when in a solid state, ionic compounds are not conductive, as their ions become fixed and unable to move. Explanation: It is important to note that the behavior of ionic compounds is determined by the nature of their ionic bonds. These bonds are formed when two oppositely charged ions are attracted to each other, resulting in a strong bond between them. When an ionic compound is in a molten or aqueous state, the strong ionic bonds are broken apart, resulting in the free movement of ions. This allows for the ions to carry an electric charge and thus create an electrical current. However, when an ionic compound is in a solid state, the ions become fixed in position due to the strong ionic bonds. This means that the ions are no longer able to move freely and cannot carry an electric charge, resulting in the inability of the compound to conduct electricity. It is important to understand these principles when working with ionic compounds, as it can have significant implications in various fields such as medicine, material science, and electronics.