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According to the document, what happened when sennacherib tried to conquer jerusalem? was he successful?


It appears that Sennacherib was unable to conquer Jerusalem despite receiving tribute. He faced difficulty in overcoming the city's defenses. The surrounding cities were conquered by his soldiers as they aimed to maintain their power in the region. Sennacherib's military tactics and strength proved overwhelming as he captured 46 fortified cities. It is said that he commanded an army of over 200,000 soldiers, displaying his prowess as a military leader. Hezekiah, the ruler of Jerusalem, was captured and held hostage. Sennacherib's skills in strategy and logistics, which encompassed soldiers, animals, and weapons, allowed him to successfully overcome his enemies on the battlefield. Those interested in learning more about this historical figure can follow the link provided on brainly.com/question/24513768 #SPJ4.