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A rectangle container with a base area of 200cm2 is filled with water to a height of 15cm. If the container has a height of 20cm, how much water ( in litres) should be added to it to fill it completely?


Alright class, let's analyze this mathematical problem together. If the height of the container is 20 cm, we need to determine the amount of water required to fill it up completely. From the given information, we know that the base area of the rectangular container is 200 cm² and the total height of the container is 20 cm. The water will be filled up to a height of 15 cm. Therefore, we need to calculate the difference between the container's total height and the height at which the water will be filled, which gives us 5 cm. To determine the volume of water required to fill the container, we need to multiply the base area by the height of water needed to be filled. Thus, we get 200 × 5 = 1000 cm³. Now, we need to convert the volume into liters, which is equal to 1 Liter as 1000cm³ = 1 Liter. So in conclusion, if the container's height is 20 cm, we need to add 1 liter of water to fill it up completely. If you want to learn more about Volume, please check out brainly.com/question/15511792. Keep up the good work, class!