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Billy really likes going to his Grandpa Joe’s farm. Billy’s mom told him if he did all of his homework and chores throughout the week he could go and see his grandpa Joe and the farm. On Monday Billy worked on his math problems that his teacher gave him. He also helped his mom clean the kitchen after supper. On Tuesday he worked on his fractions for math and he also helped his dad clean his car. It was really dirty and needed lots of scrubbing to get the tires clean. On Wednesday he did not have any homework so he helped his mom wash their dog, Max. It was a good thing because Max was stinky and smelly. On Thursday Billy went to the grocery store and helped his mom buy groceries. They were out of almost everything for lunches. When he got home that night he had to do his reading assignment where he had to read a passage, highlight the important parts, and answer some comprehension questions about it. On Friday he did not have to do any homework and the only chore he had to do was take out the trash. Since Billy did all of his chores and work, Billy got to go and see his grandpa Joe and see the farm. He was so excited and proud of himself that he had been so helpful and responsible. Which detail would BEST be included in this paragraph? A) Billy decided not to go to Grandpa Joe's farm. B) Billy was so angry because he didn't like chores or homework. C) Billy knew cleaning the kitchen was his mother's least favorite chore. D) Billy didn't like helping others, but he knew he had to if he wanted to go.


It is possible that either option C or D may be correct. Explanation: I apologize if my previous response was incorrect. Thank you for being understanding.