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A pizza restaurant had 1/3 of a gallon of pizza sauce left at the end of the evening and divided it equally among 3 pizzas. How much sauce did they put on each pizza? D) Write your answer as a fraction or as a whole or mixed number. gallons Submit Work it out​


One-ninth of a gallon of sauce. Step-by-step explanation: To find the amount of sauce needed per pizza, we need to divide the fraction 1/3 by the number of pizzas, which is 3. However, we cannot divide fractions directly, so we need to use the "keep-change-flip" method. This method involves keeping the first fraction as is, changing the division sign to multiplication, and flipping the second fraction. So, we have 1/3 ÷ 3 which becomes 1/3 × 1/3 (keep 1/3, change ÷ to ×, and flip 3 to 1/3 since 3 is equivalent to 3/1). Simplifying this multiplication, we get 1/9. Therefore, we need one-ninth of a gallon of sauce per pizza. Hope this explanation was helpful!