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results of a recent study indicate corporations benefit from following corporate social responsibility (csr) policies in multiple ways. these benefits can add value to a business and are collectively called a(n) studocu


The results of a recent study suggest that implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies can bring multiple benefits to corporations. These benefits not only enhance a business's value, but are also known as the "halo effect." In essence, CSR involves for-profit companies striving to achieve both social and environmental advantages while pursuing their organizational goals, such as increasing revenue and maximizing shareholder profits. CSR is the term used to describe a business's efforts to give back to or improve the community, which can be achieved in various ways, such as charitable donations, employee volunteer programs, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, ethical labor practices, and more. While CSR is essential for the community, it is equally valuable for a business. CSR initiatives can enhance employee-organization relations, boost morale, and help both employees and employers feel more connected to the world around them. To learn more about CSR, visit brainly.com/question/1373962 #SPJ4.