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____ involves a break with past experiences and the learning of new values and norms. A. Institutionalization c. Both a and b b. Resocialization d. Neither a nor b.


Resocialization, also sometimes referred to as re-socialization, is a method of reconstructing an individual's social ideals, perceptions, and conventional concepts. The process of Resocialization is implemented through purposeful methods, such as military boot camps and single-parent households. This intensive social technique may occur within a structured institution. It is important to note that both learning and unlearning can happen through this process, which is the basis of Resocialization. The aim of this technique is to redistribute the values, abilities, and attitudes of those who do not meet the norms of a dominant institution. This definition can sometimes be paralleled with a term prison sentence. Therefore, option B is correct. For further information regarding Resocialization please refer to the link: brainly.com/question/1081966.