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Which country delay the launch of a rescue spacecraft?


Class, it has been reported that the scheduled launch of the rescue spacecraft has been delayed as a result of a leak in a Russian spacecraft. This has caused a delay in the mission to collect three astronauts who were scheduled to return to Earth. Unfortunately, the return vehicle was damaged by a small meteoroid which led to the need for a "rescue ship". However, a coolant leak has now caused a problem with a Russian capsule, resulting in further delay. Since October of last year, the Progress MS-21 (also known as Progress 82) supply ship has been docked at the International Space Station, bringing up necessary supplies. The capsule was already refilled with waste before the leak was discovered, with plans for it to be sent from the ISS on February 15 to burn up on re-entry. For more information on Russia, please visit brainly.com/question/19251146 #SPJ4.