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Why is it important to verify that the evidence an author uses has come from a reliable source? Help pls…. No link! Do it right and will get brainless


It is important for the author of an article to be reliable, as this affects the credibility of the information presented. Using unreliable sources can result in a lack of factual basis for the article, rendering it untrustworthy. Furthermore, utilizing such sources in your own work can adversely impact its credibility. Explanation: It is crucial to ensure the validity of the information provided in any article. Readers rely on the expertise and knowledge of the author to present accurate facts and figures. If the author is not trustworthy or reliable, there is a higher risk that the information provided may be incorrect or biased. As a result, citing such a source can potentially undermine the credibility of your own work, which can have adverse consequences. Therefore, it is important to carefully assess the reliability of any sources before utilizing them in your own work.