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What term is most strongly connected to the idea of assimilation?


The term that is most closely associated with the concept of assimilation is "acculturation." Assimilation refers to the process by which individuals or groups adopt the culture and customs of another group, ultimately resulting in a blending of cultures. This typically occurs when a minority group joins a majority group and adopts the majority group's cultural norms and values. The minority group relinquishes their own culture and becomes part of the larger, more dominant group. Acculturation involves the incorporation of one culture's traits into another. This can happen when two cultures come into contact with one another, and the less dominant culture adopts aspects of the more powerful culture. In some cases, the less dominant culture may feel like they have to assimilate in order to survive, which can result in the loss of their original culture. While both assimilation and acculturation involve changes in culture, assimilation is typically forced, while acculturation is more voluntary. Visit brainly.com/question/2284694 for more information about assimilation. #SPJ11