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-What is thedensity of a substance that fas a mass of 68.05 gand a volume of 27.84mL?


Okay class, today we will be discussing the concept of density. To calculate the density of a substance, we need to divide its mass, which in this case is 68.05 grams, by its volume, which is 27.84 milliliters. After performing this calculation, we arrive at a density of 2.44 grams per milliliter. Now, what is density, you may ask? Well, density is simply the mass of an object divided by its volume, which can be represented by the equation Density = Mass/Volume. So, by knowing the mass and volume of an object, we can easily calculate its density by dividing the mass by the volume. As for the substance we are analyzing today, we have determined that it has a density of 2.44 g/mL. Understanding density is important because it can provide us with valuable information about a substance's physical and chemical properties. For instance, a substance with a higher density typically means that its particles are more compactly arranged, thus making it heavier than a substance with a lower density. If you would like to learn more about density, please refer to the provided link at brainly.com/question/29775886.